Summer Block

Summer Block is an assistant editor at Identity Theory and is a freelance writer currently living in China. Visit her at or email summer (at) identitytheory (dot) com.

"Months and Seasons" by Christopher Meeks

Christopher Meeks' new short story collection, Months and Seasons, has become a sort of grassroots movement, a favorite of small press reviewers, bloggers, and veteran Amazon junkies. The slim volume of thirteen stories (plus an excerpt from his upcoming novel as a "bonus track") is uneven, sometimes awkward, but redeemed again and again by the

On the Art of Life and Vice Versa

Today I started reading Michael Kimmelman's The Accidental Masterpiece: On the Art of Life and Vice Versa and I've liked it so much that I've more or less finished it in an afternoon. I just finished the short story collection Stories from the Afterlife, by Quinn Dalton, and up next is Gail Jones' Dreams of

Untold Stories

Untold Stories is the collected memoirs, diaries, and notes of Alan Bennett, best known as the writer of The Madness of King George and a long-time presence in British theater.

Empress by Shan Sa

As the sole woman to occupy a throne at the meeting point of heaven and earth, this extraordinary personage is perhaps a perfect fit for Shan Sa’s grandiose writing style.

Fernanda Eberstadt

Though Little Money Street is obviously affectionate, Fernanda Eberstadt does not deny that Gypsy society is marked by widespread illiteracy, poverty, and startling sexual inequalities.

Rituals of Mourning

I just finished reading Joan Didion's memoir, The Year of Magical Thinking. In 2003, Didion's daughter fell suddenly ill with pneumonia, leading to septic shock that was eventually fatal. On December 23 of the same year, Didion's husband of forty years died suddenly of a heart attack. The situation described above, while doubtless tragic, would

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