Summer Block

Summer Block is an assistant editor at Identity Theory and is a freelance writer currently living in China. Visit her at or email summer (at) identitytheory (dot) com.

Books on Books

The Anxiety of Influence, Harold BloomAxel's Castle: A Study of the Imaginative Literature of 1870-1930, Edmund WilsonThe Wound and the Bow: Seven Studies in Literature, Edmund Wilson I've been taking a break from primary sources to enjoy three excellent books on books. The first is Harold Bloom's seminal Anxiety of Influence, by the blustery, brilliant, …

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Getting an early jump on Halloween, I decided to read Chuck Palahniuk's infamous new novel, Haunted, in which writers trapped at an isolated retreat tell their dark and horrific stories, all the while sabotaging their own rescue in hopes of creating a story dramatic enough to get them books and made-for-TV movies about the ordeal. …

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The Crusades

I just finished reading two books for a review - The First Crusade: A New History, by Thomas Asbridge; and The Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople, by Jonathan Phillips. I highly recommend both - and in fact, I recommend reading both back-to-back. The First Crusade was, from the point of view of the …

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