Random Truths About… (Sleater-Kinney’s) Carrie Brownstein


Sleater-Kinney, featuring Carrie Brownstein (middle)

1. What's the first piece of music you listened to today?
I have yet to listen to anything today. Sometimes I can't stand music and I'll listen to talk radio for hours on end. But Bill Fay is in my car and that is likely the first thing I will hear.

2. What are your vices?
Caffeine and sugar.

3. What is one of your prejudices?
Hippies and Yuppies, but I am turning into both.

4. In what way do you think music has the ability to change the way people live their lives?
I can only comment on how it has changed the way I live my own life. Music is a way of drowning out the static for me.

5. At what age did you first feel distrust?

6. Do you think that your name is appropriate for you? (If not, what name would be more appropriate?)

7. What is the best piece of music you've ever created, in your opinion?
I am most proud of the song “Jumpers,” both lyrically and musically.

8. Right now, how are you trying to change yourself?
I am trying to exercise more often and to reduce stress in my life.

9. If you had the time, what else would you do?
Write, work at the Humane Society, travel to New Zealand and stay there indefinitely.

10. What social cause do you feel the most strongly about (negative or positive)?
Environmental and Energy Conservation, Global AIDS, Abortion Rights

11. What are your fears?
Flying, death, large social events, the usual.

12. What is your favorite joke (tasteful or tasteless)?
I can never remember jokes.

13. Who is your favorite author?
This always changes. Right now it is Lorrie Moore. Last year I would have said W. Somerset Maugham.

14. What is your favorite movie?
Five Easy Pieces

15. Favorite album(s) from the last few years?
Sufjan Stevens–Illinois, Fiery Furnaces–Gallowbird's Bark, Wilco–Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

16. What would you like to know more about?
The Bible, spices, plumbing, Alexander Pope.

17. What is one thing you would like to do/see/accomplish before you die?
I would like to live on a farm.

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