Submission Guidelines has been publishing original literature online since before George W. was appointed president. Our internet-only publication has earned the attention of major print media throughout the English-speaking world -- not that you should trust them -- and reaches thousands of influential readers every week.

Quick Literary Submission Links

Submit your writing to us through Submittable unless you'd rather contact us directly, in which case...

Short story writers, read our fiction submission guidelines.

Creative nonfiction authors, read our essay submission guidelines.

Poets, check out our new poetry submission guidelines.

What We Publish

In the past decade our journal has published highly regarded long-form interviews with literary authors, indie musicians, filmmakers and artists. We have posted fiction from lit stars and up-and-coming authors and essays that have been noted and anthologized in the Best American series, among other places.

Interviews, fiction, poetry, and essays are the focus of our current publishing efforts. We also publish book and film reviews, which sometimes appear on places such as Rotten Tomatoes and Powell's Review-a-Day, and we accept social justice pieces and artwork.

How to Get Published

If you like to skim submissions guidelines and shoot off an email post-haste, I'll make it easy for you: send your submission or query to Matt Borondy at

If you like to try to make life easier for everyone, here are more suggestions:

1. Write the type of submission and title in the subject line, e.g., "Fiction Submission: 'My Dog is Never Going to Die,'" or, "Interview Query: Michael Jackson's Other Doctor."

2. Feel free to send simultaneous submissions as long as you notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere.

3. Do not send previously published work unless you have a lights-out reason.

4. If you want to send your piece as an attachment, use Word. Optimally you would paste the submission in the body of the email and then back it up with an attachment.

5. Include a bio--preferably a brief one, but knock yourself out--along with any links you would like included with your work.

6. Or just use Submittable.

Other Ways to Contribute

We publish blogs on film, music and literary news and reviews, among other topics. To be considered as a regular or guest blogger, please email us regarding your background and the types of subjects you'd like to cover. you may also start your own column.

You can also request to have your work reviewed or suggest yourself for an interview.

Or you can apply to be an editor.


For most queries and submissions, email Matt Borondy at

Otherwise, you can contact the following editors:

Film Reviews/Film Blog: Matthew Sorrento at

More Policies and Notes

  • We do not pay for accepted work. (Or rejected work for that matter.)

  • We promote the heck out of stories on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the like. Please join our communities there.

  • Our authors retain the right to publish their work elsewhere once we have posted it.

  • We like dogs. Why not include a photo of your dog with your submission? That always helps. (Or, okay, perhaps a cat?)

  • Again, for more info, view our specific guidelines for sending fiction, poetry, and essays.