Award Nominations

We have nominated the following Identity Theory pieces for anthologies and awards in recent years.

Best Microfiction 2024 Nominations

(Fiction Less Than 400 Words Published in 2023)

"Barbie Toes and Blow-Up Dolls" by Cole Beauchamp

"Windford" by Melissa Ostrom


Best Small Fictions 2024 Nominations

(Fiction Less Than 1000 Words Published in 2023)

"Styrofoam Sunsets" by Brendan Gillen

"Demolition" by Will Musgrove

"Dosai!" by Srilatha Rajagopal

"Toy Collector" by Rebecca Winterer


2025 Pushcart Prize Nominations

(Pieces Published in 2023)

"Distribution" by Nicholas Claro (fiction)

"Bricks" by Tyler Plofker (fiction)

"The Teacher and the Boxer" by Zoe Young (fiction)

"Unsolved Mysteries" by Sandy Pool (nonfiction)

"how long is a minute" by Shlagha Borah (poetry)

“cashier at campus thai restaurant calls me [sir]” by Becky Tarasick (poetry)


2024 Best of the Net Nominations

(Pieces Published from Summer 2022 to Summer 2023)

"Miss Venezuela" by Naihobe Gonzalez (fiction)

"Ten Silver Cars" by R. B. Miner (fiction)

"Woodwork" by Luke Larkin (nonfiction)

"Knowledge of Missing Out" by Diane Shipley (nonfiction)

"southern apocrypha smeared with duke’s mayonnaise, 1974" by Evelyn Berry (poetry)

"Twitter is Abject" by Katie Berta (poetry)

"Storm" by Jacob Griffin Hall (poetry)

"Lake Valley" by Santana Shorty (poetry)

"Coppering" by Donna Vorreyer (poetry)

"Old Sons" by Jane Zwart (poetry)

Ampydoo Cartoons #25, #54, & #57 (art)


2024 Pushcart Prize Nominations

(Pieces Published in 2022)

"Ruskin and the Horses" by Jack Bedell (poetry)

"Adjacent" by Nicholas Grider (fiction)

"Unrooted" by L. Andrew Huffman (fiction)

"Love is Iraq" by Christine Ma-Kellams (fiction)

"The Batman of Perry County" by Cody Shrum (fiction)

"Almost Mothers" by Stephanie Vessely (nonfiction)


2023 Best Small Fictions Nominations

(Fiction Less Than 1000 Words Published in 2022)

"To Taste a Merman" by Lisa Alletson

"The Funeral Clown" by Will Musgrove

"A Night in October" by Megan Neary

"Stephen Tries His Hand at Microfiction" by Stephen Snowder


2023 Best of the Net Nominations

(Pieces Published from Summer 2021 to Summer 2022)

"Exhibits in the Museum of Dust" by Jared Beloff (poetry)

"The Phrase Is 'Comfortable in Your Own Skin' but Who Has Ever Felt Such a Thing?" by Amorak Huey (poetry)

"Fat Poem" by Brooke Kolcow (poetry)

"Things I Wish I Told My Mother Before She Died" by Ezra Solway (poetry)

"Five Arguments with Czeslaw about 'Self-Image'" by Alina Stefanescu (poetry)

"Euryale" by Julia Watson (poetry)

"Take a Femur, Leave a Femur" by Leigh Chadwick (fiction)

"Watermelon Boyfriend, HaHa Lounge, '94" by Robin Zlotnick (fiction)

"On Missing the Women’s Evolution (or the Importance of Becky Lynch’s Broken Nose)" by Emmy Ritchey (nonfiction)

"As Soon as You Leave This Town" by Liz Shulman (nonfiction)

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