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The Eco-Critical Photographer: An Interview With Subhankar Banerjee

nature photo

Banerjee’s photographs ask us to reframe the way we look at our environment, by focusing on one eco-system–the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge–and the indigenous tribes, native animals and geological structures that populate it.

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The Activist Artist: An Interview With Wendy Testu

Wendy's art

San Francisco-based artist and teacher Wendy Testu discusses her latest project: a labor of love that galvanizes one community around its social and environmental history.

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Interview with Photographer William L. Wacker

Artist and wanderlust William Wacker shares images and impressions gathered during his recent tour of Asia, why he needs to catch up on vampire flicks and how, when it comes to art, it’s sometimes best to “shoot from the hip.”

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The Residue of Interchange: An Interview with Painter Joan Curran

Curran Painting 1

Philadelphia-based painter Joan Curran creates urban still lives inspired by the interaction between humans and nature–a constantly fluctuating relationship that reveals both beauty and excess.

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Laying Bricks to Build Social Change: An Interview with Favianna Rodriguez and Josh MacPhee

Favianna Rodriguez and Josh MacPhee’s Reproduce & Revolt highlights how artists worldwide are responding to the critical issues of our time.

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Killing Ground, Healing Ground: An Interview with Photographer John Huddleston

Dilapidated Bathroom by John Huddleston

Armed with a camera, Middlebury College professor John Huddleston makes pilgrimages into the American landscape to capture touchstones for shared cultural memory.

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Colliding with Nature: An Interview with Jason Middlebrook

“Nature is always pressing, always growing up through the cracks,” he said. Middlebrook’s interest is the instant at which nature and humans collide, whether it be a natural disaster, or a weed growing in a parking lot.

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The New Street Renegades: An Interview with Francesca Gavin

Francesca Gavin contends that the works of today’s street artists are meant to jolt those passing by into an active reality, to turn a passive experience into a conversation, a situation, a happening in which thought is not simply a possible inevitability but a demand of the artist.

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Video Volunteers for Social Change: A Conversation with Jessica Mayberry


In a global society dominated by corporate media conglomerates and sensationalist news coverage, we forget that underprivileged voices are important not just as means to forwarding various agendas, but as ends in themselves.

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Shifting Scales & the City: An Interview with Jane South

Artist Jane South discusses how her large-scale, wall-mounted constructions explore the "phenomenological experience of architecture."

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Up-and-Coming Artist: Ash LaRose, Photographer

Ash LaRose is a Burlington, Vermont-based photographer whose images explore the beauty–and vulnerability–of young women.

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Talking Art with Stephen Carter, Ceramicist

Stephen Carter Art

“I love history. A lot of how I view art has to deal with how art has been involved with history. I look at a lot of old things.”

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In the Studio with Painter Kim Frohsin

Kim Frohsin

San Francisco artist Kim Frohsin talks to Alexandra Tursi about her latest explorations, clears the air about her association with the Bay Area Figurative School, talks about publishing her first book of art, and details the personal relationships that come from working closely with models.

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Carolita Johnson, New Yorker Cartoonist

Carolita Johnson portrait

“I’ve always done whatever I can do, and cartooning is one of those things, a natural form of expression after reading all those paperback Charlie Brown books.”

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Interview with Brooklyn Photographer Amy Stein

Woman and Guns

“I tend to respond to forces around me. In New York, I was feeling really divorced from nature, feeling that I wanted to do a series where I returned to nature, so I decided to explore my feeling of being isolated.”

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