Random Truths About… Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon
Dan Deacon talks about his vices, prejudices, and the best piece of music he's ever created.

1. What's the first piece of music you listened to today?

Elton John: Various tracks on my girlfriend's iTunes.

2. What are your vices?

I binge eat junk food and masturbate.

3. What is one of your prejudices?

I am too quick to assume someone is boring before I get to know them.

4. In what way do you think music has the ability to change the way people live their lives?

I think there would much less sadness in the world if everyone had loop/delay and pitch shift pedals. I find playing music by myself is the most calming and meditative action when Iā€™m confused or upset or whatever. Prisons should strike up a deal with Line6.

5. At what age did you first feel distrust?

I have no idea.

6. Do you think that your name is appropriate for you? (If not, what name would be more appropriate?)

I think my name worked out well for me. I'm happy with it.

7. What is the best piece of music you've ever created, in your opinion?

I did an outdoor show at this public amphitheater in Tallahassee, and I think that performance is the best thing I've ever done.

8. Right now, how are you trying to change yourself?

I'm trying to eat healthier, masturbate less, and listen to more Terry Riley.

9. If you had the time, what else would you do?

Spend more time with my family, silk screen, run for local office, bury boxes of things around Baltimore.

10. What social cause do you feel the most strongly about (negative or positive)?

Actual cures for cancers through nutrition and how the medical industry is total shit tricking people into their system through fear and false laws.

11. What are your fears?

Having my teeth fall out. Jesus Christ I hope my fucking teeth don't fall out. I haven't been to a dentist in like 15 years and I don't really trust them to begin with, but if I lost my teeth it would suck so hard.

12. What is your favorite joke (tasteful or tasteless)?

Pulling over to ask for directions and as soon as they start telling them you drive away. The joke doesn't really make much sense written down, but in real life it's fucking funny. Jimmy Roche introduced me to this joke on tour.

13. Who is your favorite author?

Connor Kizer, a Baltimore writer who has been finally getting some more attention. His work is amazing.

14. What is your favorite movie?

Lately I've been really into John Carpenter's The Thing. It's just so awesome. Also Predator is awesome and of course The Jerk. Ghost Zane by Jimmy Roche is pretty awesome.

15. Favorite album(s) from the last few years?

1. Soak the Saddleir?t=identitytheor 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00005YEOV&camp=217145&creative=399349 by Arab On Radar. That album just blew me away and still does. A. The Killer Whales EP. The most beautiful band in the world.

16. What would you like to know more about?

Electronics and mechanics. Farming and sustainability. The future.

17. What is one thing you would like to do/see/accomplish before you die?

There are several pieces for orchestra and electronics I've composed and would love to have them performed. Hopefully one of them will be put on in the fall of 2007, so if happens I'll have to think of something new. Maybe see if I could not spend or exchange any money for a year. I don't know. I'm going to live forever with you.

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