Fiction Submission Guidelines

Identity Theory is an online magazine that publishes literary fiction from up-and-coming and established writers.

We put our value to you by carefully reading every submission, replying with constructive comments when possible, and publishing the very best material we receive, posted promptly and viewed by thousands of readers every week in our online journal.

When you submit your fiction piece for consideration, please:

1. Bear in mind that fiction published on Identity Theory has traditionally not been longer than 4,000 words and has rarely included genre fiction.

2. Include a short author biography (50-100 words).

3. Paste your submission into the body of an e-mail and in a Word document if possible.

4. Send your contribution to Matt Borondy at or through our Submittable page.

A note on compensation: We currently do not have a system for financially rewarding authors due to the fact that literary fiction does not bring in significant revenue. However, we are working on more creative modes of compensation. So, expect nothing in return for your publication (outside of recognition, fame, good vibes, etc.), but know that we will try our best to make it worth your while. Would having us do jumping jacks on the Vegas strip while reciting your story and then putting it on YouTube make it worth your while? If your story's that good...maybe. Or we might pay you in donuts.

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