Ross Simonini

Ross Simonini lives in Seattle where he writes, plays music and draws pictures.

11 Questions for Belong

"Anybody, with just a little money saved, can produce and record a quality album in their bedroom. This has lead to an extreme amount of crap, but it also has allowed other people with great ideas to realize them on their own without having to spend a ton of money."

Tristeza’s Harmonic Sea and Liquid Pyramids

Recently, San Diego has become one of the country’s musical breeding grounds. Bands like Pinback, Castanets and GogoAirheart have surfaced, one after another, each with their own, unique voice, each representing an entirely different genre of music. Among the first of all these groups was Tristeza, an instrumental quintet (two guitarists, bassist, keyboards, drummer), who



Akron/Family has written some of the best songs of the current century. They have released two albums on Young God Records, both of which juxtapose musical sensibilities of the most diverse sort. To love them is to love music, not genres.

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