Meals Ready to Eat: A Poem

Let's take a Road Trip
my lovely
along ambush alley
where the bushes are on fire

their white house needs

for a suicide bombing mission
in a Middle Eastern country
being wiped out of existence
by superior armed forces
on a mission impossible
collected donations from sympathetic humans

The gulf is growing.

of the new republic
lined roads, interstates,
highways and ambush alleys to shower
their heroes with coins, paper currencies, invitations
to dinner and free redeemable coupons.

Every day humans
dressed themselves in clothing
called the chaos of hope.
Torn and patched in places,
It needed a stronger thread.

Someone suggested barb wire
which was rejected out of
bleeding hands
with derision and contempt
as generals screamed
"this war is on track jack"

saddam moved to a resort
in Syria protected by armed
gentle organizers
washing his bloody hands
in the red sea

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