Timothy M. Leonard

Timothy M. Leonard is a Vietnam Veteran and served with the Screaming Eagles. He graduated from University of Oregon. He's lived in Australia, Bali, China, Ireland, Israel, Saipan and Kuwait. Additional travels, writing and photography involved Bhutan, Tibet; Xinjiang and Yunnan, Chinese provinces. He recently completed six months in Morocco and Andalucia, Spain gathering creative material. He is an author of a children's book with ebooksonthe.net and is an E-book editor with AtlanticBridge.com. His writing and images appear with: Christian Science Monitor, The Guardian, IdentityTheory, ZoneZero, Journal E, OnTheBrightSide, Kid’s Highway, PoetrySuperHighway, NetAuthorsE2K, Babylon Travel, comrade.org.uk, Stirring, A Literary Collection; Word Riot, Electric Acorn, Hanford Watch, Red Paper,Thought Magazine,Grazalema.ws,Poets Against The War, ’Digging Up Texas,’ a book on archeology, OZimages, photo stock agency, Voices, - Fall Issue 2003 3.2, The M.A.G. muse literary guild, Ink Pot-Lit Pot Press Anthology (October, 2003) and GoNomad. He is marketing a travel memoir to literary agents.

Casablanca to Marrakech

Her history's desert is full of potentates sharpening their swords, inventing icon free art, alphabets, practicing equality, creating five pillars of Islam and navigation star map tools, breaking wild stallions, building tiled adobe fortresses, selling spices, writing language.

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