Editor’s Choice: Two Poems by Ashok Niyogi


this fog has lifted
another will come its way
seagulls fight this
window of sunlight
slatted across my prison cell

I love babies
aberrations can go to hell
this is the witches’ hour
when malevolent swallows
glow out of habitat hollows

no trains to Alaska
they will pass in the night
by abandoned golf balls
on a deserted course lit up
by one moon and
hypoglycemic stars
even as I account
for the day’s wars

seat-belts on
lest I tumble
from my allotted seat
in this plane or that car



this one is fresh
let the engine mesh
and it will rock

wind and water
sun and rain
no matter
we will shore up

and dent and paint and overhaul
control nicotine
and periodically give up alcohol

only the counting
the marking time
must but change

ravens smell
the black smoke
in gusts
the furnace works

let this annuity
pay for tea
while they wait
for ash and dust

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