For You: A Poem

dear nobody,
I have taken drugs
to calm the pale pearl
faced woman with red
hair that lives inside me
my sweet mania
(you saw her briefly,
fled from her open legs)
I had to lure her
with the glassy green
globes of chloral hydrate,
drape her in the dark
mourning of depression

and as she sleeps, I confess
how her frenzied joy
overtook me again, made
me vigilant as a hawk and
quick - I plucked him from
the busy night scene - a little
extra for myself -
I made him want me,
drew blood with my fingernails
and devoured his juicy young
flesh, bound as a piece of
meat from the butcher and
afterwards I ordered a steak
very rare and a very red wine

I went home alone as I
always do. I fed the cat,
brushed my hair, examined
the possibilities of adding
more highlights, stepped out
of lingerie and into freesia
and musk, waiting for the
other mind of sleep to take me.

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