Yes, you (we) can: Identity Theory endorses Obama

We at Identity Theory are excited to finally--for the first time in our lives--have a major-party presidential candidate who is truly presidential. A candidate who, for once, runs a dignified campaign brimming with inspiration rather than desperation. A candidate whom we trust to make wise decisions based on moral courage rather than rapacious greed. A candidate who, unlike our current administration, will neither use religion as a tool of manipulation nor use fear as a tool of spiritual oppression.

We believe Barack Obama can provide leadership that will unite people from all backgrounds, which his current opponent (Hillary Clinton) and probable future opponent (John McCain) decidedly cannot. We believe Mr. Obama can provide much-needed hope for a nation teetering on the brink of a depression and stuck in a misguided war. We are certain that he is the only candidate capable of making the decisions necessary to pull our country from the grips of the Rovian, faux-Christian machine of corporate fascism that has torn the country apart for the past seven-plus years.

The George W. Bush era will be the worst of any American's lifetime. At least, we hope it doesn't get any more terrible than this. He has torn up the Constitution and stripped us of our basic rights to privacy in the name of freedom. He has saddled us with an illegal and immoral war (in the name of peace) that has set in motion a near-certain economic depression (in the name of prosperity). He has, at many times, made us feel embarrassed to be Americans.

If we are ever to overcome the decisions of the worst president in American history, we will need to elect someone who has the chance to be one of the greatest presidents in American history--a head of state blessed with the kind of leadership that younger generations have only been able to read about in history books: a speaker who can move people the way Martin Luther King, Jr., moved people, rather than scare people out of their rights the way our current so-called leader tries to scare people. Listen to Obama speak, and you will see his potential to be the type of president MLK would endorse.

We trust Mr. Obama's intellect and integrity above any of his current opponents and indeed, any other candidates for the highest office in recent memory. We feel he can restore dignity to the White House and offer a presidency that will cause people to rally rather than cringe. For that reason, we hope you don't mess this up, Democratic Party. Don't hand the nomination over to the more divisive and corporate-controlled candidate. For, in addition to lacking Mr. Obama's leadership skills and aura of hope, Mrs. Clinton also lacks his ability to win the presidency this November.

You can do it, Democratic Party. You can do it, America. Yes, you (we) can.

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