When We Leave

"...this will not be the end of the conflict. It will, in fact, signal a phase of the war far deadlier and more dangerous to American interests..."
-Chris Hedges-

Hedges, author of "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America," offers more perspective on the war in Iraq:

"The occupation of Iraq, along with the Afghanistan occupation, has only furthered the spread of failed states and increased authoritarianism, savage violence, instability and anarchy. It has swelled the ranks of our real enemies-the Islamic terrorists-and opened up voids of lawlessness where they can operate and plot against us. It has scuttled the art of diplomacy. It has left us an outlaw state intent on creating more outlaw states. It has empowered Iran, as well as Russia and China, which sit on the sidelines gleefully watching our self-immolation. This is what George W. Bush and all those 'reluctant hawks' who supported him have bequeathed us."

Read the entire essay here.

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