What Robert’s Reading This Month

Finn by Jon Clinch (a novel about Huck Finn's father)

The Crimson Portrait
by Jody Shields

"Tango" by Thom McGuane (in the New Yorker)

Conversations with Thomas McGuane
edited by Beef Torrey (excuse the chest pounding by my IDT chat with McGuane is in this tome--and in departure from my habits I actually reread it)

The Killing Moon
- Chuck Hogan

"Iraq, The War of Imagination" - Mark Danner (The New York Review of Books)

Anthology of Graphic Fiction - Ivan Brunetti

Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties - Robert Stone (There is no better American writer than Robert Stone)

Surveillance - Jonathan Rabin

The Castle in the Forest
- Norman Mailer

Against the Day - Thomas Pynchon (200 pages in and I am , much to my surprise, bored)

-Robert Birnbaum

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