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most of the last several books i've read have been titles i've heard about from neil gaiman. many out of print, cost me a fortune to get them over here from the UK, but all have been very very good imho. just finished his 'anansi boys,' which took me a while to get into -- it's more of a guy's book i think -- but it was ultimately worthwhile as well.

around and about that time:

'jonathan strange and mr norrell,' by susanna clarke

two by colin greenland, married to susanna clarke, 'take back plenty' and 'finding helen'

one i hadn't read by one of my very favorite SF/F guys, tim powers, 'strange itineraries'

two children's books by nicholas stuart gray, 'grimbold's other world' and 'over the hills to fabylon'

'remake' by connie willis (also one of my favorite SF/F writers)

'tea from an empty cup,' not one of pat cadigan's best, but very
imaginative as always and she's a good writer

a little more highbrow, 'little black book of stories' by a s byatt

and although this is way too journalistic/realistic for me, she's a good writer and is now unfortunately deceased at a far too early age -- marjorie williams, 'the woman at the washington zoo'

i've just started to reread oryx and crake, atwood, b/c she's coming to town next week and just found the copy of kazantzakis' 'saint francis' that a friend gave me a year ago and i want to read that too, if that counts. also started to reread 'the quincunx' by charles pallister, really quite a remarkable feat and i'm torturing myself by not starting 'lud-in-the-mist' by hope mirrlees, which gaiman got reissued.


Best American Short Stories - 2005 - Loved Lehane,
Saunders, Lennon...not so much Bezmozgis and esp. not
Ovid - Selected Poems - yeah, he's good
Anne Lamott - Traveling Mercies - her, too.


What Remains by Carole Radziwill and The Historian


Thomas Cahill's Sailing the Wine Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter is a joyous read; any poetry of Szymborska draws me in & I'm trying to finish a novel by Shirley Hazzard, The Transit of Venus. Poetry accounts for about 65% of my reading.


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