What Birnbaum’s Reading

Metropolis - Elizabeth Gaffney

Cast of Shadows - Kevin Guilfoyle

Torture and Truth - Mark Danner

The Stone Fields - Courtney Angela Brkic

God Lives in St. Petersburg - Tom Bissell

Tropic of Night - Michael Gruber

100% Evil - Nicholas Blechman & Christoph Niemann

Review of Deborah Lipstadt's History on Trial by
Charles Taylor (Salon.com)

Tom Scocca's hilarious send-up of the epistolary exchange between NYT's Solomon and J.S. Foer (The NY Observer)

Lionel Shriver's piece "Why Ruin Your Life" on Motherhood (The Guardian)

Tom Schone's review of David Thomson's The Whole Equation (The Guardian)

Samantha Power's NYT Op-Ed (Feb 10, 2005) "Court of First Resort" on the International Criminal Court

"The End of the Counter-Culture: Hunter S. Thompson, 1939 - 2005," a toxic screed by Stephen Schwartz (The Weekly Standard)

Adam Gopnik's review of Ian Davidson's Voltaire in Exile (The New Yorker)

Tom Bissell's essay "Thriller" (The Believer #22)

-Robert I. Birnbaum

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