What Bauman’s Reading

"Playing Sick" by Marc Feldman MD, a book about Munchausen, Munchausen by Proxy, and Factitious Disorder...fascinating read.

The latest by Cesar "The Dog Whisperer" Milan. I keep whispering to my dogs but nothing has really changed. Also flipping through a book on pugs right now, because we might be adding a pug puppy to our pack. My experience in my house has been that "might" usually turns out to "will."

Leaving for Mexico on Saturday night. Re-read "Power and the Glory" not too far back to get my head straight. But bringing with me Michael Chabon's "Kavalier and Clay," which I am very much looking forward to. Although not as huge a fan of his "Mysteries of P." as everyone else seems to be, I thoroughly enjoyed "Wonder Boys" (loved it, even) as well as some of his short nonfiction I've read over the years. I have distinct memories of his Terry Gross interview for "Kavalier" so am psyched to finally read it.

-Christian Bauman

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