Voter Purging?

"Voter roll purges, if incorrectly done, can be a factor in determining election outcomes -- particularly in tight races. Unlike most of the "voter fraud" cases cited by GOP activists, where a handful of registrations -- usually in the single digits -- from big voter registration drives are found to be erroneous, purges can affect thousands of voters. In Florida and Missouri in 2000, a total of 100,000 legal voters were incorrectly removed, according to academics and local election officials. In Cleveland in 2004, voter purges were a factor behind long lines and people leaving without voting as poll workers dealt with people who did not know they had been removed from voter lists, various media reported."
-Steven Rosenfeld-

Read "Voter Purging: A Legal Way For Republicans to Swing Elections" to find out more about the Department of Justice new initiative to get 10 states to purge voter rolls before the 2008 election. Rosenfeld is co-author of What Happened in Ohio: A Documentary Record of Theft and Fraud in the 2004 Election.

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