Unreal Reality: Chernobyl Ten Years Later

"Chernobyl showed us how dangerous is modern civilization's 'cult of force.' How glaring are the imperfections of this reliance on power and coercion above all else. How dangerous our modern worldviews are to us ourselves. How humanitarian man is lagging behind technological man." -Svetlana Alexievich-

For her latest book, "Voices of Chernobyl," Svetlana Alexievich interviewed five hundred survivors of the 1986 catastrophe that took place when the seemingly unreal happened, a nuclear reactor accident that spewed radioactive chaos into the small and politically troubled Chernobyl. In this interview with Ana Lucic of the Center for Book Culture, Alexievich discusses the reality of the situation (versus the mainstream media coverage) as well as the ramifications of the "cult of force" on people who were as much the victims of political strife as of a scientific disaster.

Read the interview.

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