Two Poems by Madeleine Bazil

Photograph of person by powerlines and a waterfront
Photo by Madeleine Bazil

Immersion Sonnet

I am gliding through the narrow membrane
between beauty and glossy detachment,
thinking all the time: I will be here now.
Let me embrace the bite of saltwater,
let me live more firmly in my body,
let me shiver long enough that I
finally forget how to hesitate,
relish the chill, slowly unfurl myself,
become the wave as it crests overhead,
become the mossy sea wall against which
the numb world, even at dawn, draws toward
forgiveness—encountering this soft ebb,
so unsuspectingly gently—
thermoregulates; bears my form—


Tranquility cracks
Photo by Madeleine Bazil

Tranquility Cracks

Mountaintop, we crawled through sandstone fissures.
Real yellowwoods sprawled across crevasses,
his yellow shirt a lighthouse. My fondness
unfurling: Strelitzia in bright sun.

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