Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail?

Should the Obama administration prosecute the Bush administration for violating up to 269 national and international laws (you know little things like torture, wiretapping and "extraordinary rendition")?

Amy Goodman's new article in the San Francisco Chronicle investigates the possibilities and wonders whether Obama's claims of an "open government" will usher in an era of accountability in the executive branch:

"Millions have served time in federal prisons for crimes that fall far short of those attributed to the Bush administration. Some criminals, it seems, are like banks judged too big to fail: too big to jail, too powerful to prosecute... But few would endorse letting muggers, rapists or armed robbers of convenience stores off scot-free. So why the different treatment for those potentially guilty of leading a nation into wars that have killed untold numbers, torture and widespread illegal spying?"

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