The Three Biggest Reasons Music Mags are Dying

Slate has an excellent article tracing the root causes of the recent demises of Vibe, Blender and other music magazines.

Their three reasons for the decline of the music mag:

1. There are fewer superstars, and the same musicians show up on every magazine cover.

2. Music mags have less to offer music lovers, and music lovers need them less than ever anyway.

3. Music magazines were an early version of social networking. But now there's this thing called "social networking."

Read the full article here.

1 thought on “The Three Biggest Reasons Music Mags are Dying”

  1. Francesco Sinibaldi

    The bridge of the darkness.

    In the dust
    there's a ray
    of light and
    the first feeling
    of a sadness,
    and there, in
    your eyes,
    there's a delicate

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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