The Problem of too Many Experts + InsideStorytime L O N G I N G

Here's a piece by Brandon Keim on why, given expert advice, brains shut down. So stop listening to the experts and come to Cafe Royale tonight, Thursday July 16th, 6.30-8.30 pm, for InsideStorytime L O N G I N G.

Joshua Mohr will read from his book Some Things That Meant the World to Me, reviewed by Joshua Furst for The Rumpus here. Joshua Mohr blogs here.

Chelsea Martin will read from her book Everything Was Fine Until Whatever, reviewed by John Madera for the Rumpus here. Brandon Scott Gorrell interviews her for Powell's Books blog here.

Also reading will be Vauhini Vara, the Rona Jaffe Graduate Fellow at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, on leave from her day job as Wall Street Journal technology reporter, judy b., a jazz vocalist and former culture editor for Wired News who tweets microfictions daily, and Carrie Hall, whose story "The Floor Champion of Foosball" appeared in Identity Theory, and on the strength of which story a major publisher contacted her and asked to see more of her work. That's a great story if you haven't read it yet.

So actually all those people are experts, but never fear -- I will introduce them all so inexpertly that your brain will continue to function. Tell us you heard about the event from this blog and we'll waive the customary $3-$5 cover charge.

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