The Divine Husband

I am reading the book "The Divine Husband" by Francisco Goldman. I love this book. During a search for "Francisco Goldman," I was led to "Identity Theory" and the wonderful interview with Robert Birnbaum. My mother is a Guatemalan and my dad found her when he ventured into Guatemala in the early 60's. The book "The Divine Husband" has given me insight into the 19th century's fascination and industrialization of the Central Americas. My mother is a product of all of this, as her own father was educated in the United States and later worked for the railroad system in Guatemala during much of the 20th century. I plan on letting my mom read the book and the interview as well. Thank goodness the brilliance of our authors can be reflected in sites like yours! I consider my self an avid reader but once I read a book I want to understand the underpinnings of the author as well. This Senor Goldman has touched a part of me by giving me "eyes" to understand what it was like in Guatemala.

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