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February: Raccoons and Salmon

Raccoon by bigcypressnps on Flickr

Mary Oliver’s poetry works in implicit contrast with our daily underestimation of the world.

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7 Classic Poems of Autumn

Fall leaves

A selection of classic fall poetry by Shakespeare, Frost, Keats, and other dead poets.

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10 Donald Hall Quotes

poet donald hall

“Let us stifle under mud at the pond’s edge
and affirm that it is fitting
and delicious to lose everything.”

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National Poetry Month 2013 Open Thread

Open Mic poetry and music reading

A wide open space to show off your original poetry, your favorite copyright-free poem, or any thoughts that you wish to share about poetry.

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Donald Hall’s Unpacking the Boxes: A Memoir of a Life in Poetry

For more than fifty years, Donald Hall has had a two-sided career, his fifteen books of poetry matched by fifteen books of nonfiction.

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Sharing the poetry love

T.S. Eliot might have said April is the cruelest month in “The Waste Land,” but I personally have a fondness for the first full month of spring.

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Finding a Publisher for a Poetry Book: Magic Bullet Q&A for Writers

Q: I have put together a poetic tribute to Ogden Nash that I have written and would like to have published but don’t have the money to do so on my own. It contains about 64 poems. I would like to know if you know of anyone who might be interested in publishing it, or […]

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Interview with a Winner: Erin Bealmear

Erin shares her winning strategies and talks about her lack of belief in karma, her extensive fortune cookie collection, and why online dating sites can’t nail down her personality.

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“You Call Those Nipples?”

You pour it all into a poem: your skeleton, your bile, your oozing primordial remnant—your private parts. To be told that the fundamental you is not up to snuff—that’s hard murder.

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Review of Matt Mason’s When the Bough Breaks

Angie Kritenbrink reviews prominent Omaha poet’s latest chapbook

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“So too must we after the manner of lovers give her up”: Plato, Poetry, and the City

If her defence fails, then, my dear friend, like other persons who are enamoured of something, but put a restraint upon themselves when they think their desires opposed to their interests, so too must we after the manner of lovers give her up, though not without a struggle[. . . .] and he who listens […]

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Poetry City

I’m going to talk about not poetry of the city, but poetry as a city.

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Poetics, by Aristotle

by Aristotle, 350 B.C. I. ‘Imitation’ the common principle of the Arts of Poetry. II. The Objects of Imitation. III. The Manner of Imitation. IV. The Origin and Development of Poetry. V. Definition of the Ludicrous, and a brief sketch of the rise of Comedy. VI. Definition of Tragedy. VII. The Plot must be a […]

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