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Why Trump is Attacking the “Failed” New York Times

NY Times: Spiro Agnew Resigns

You might think Anderson Cooper will save you. Listen closely: Anderson Cooper isn’t going to save you.

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In honor of Banned Books Week (Sept. 22-28), we created the Twitter hashtag #RockBannedBooks to raise awareness of books that have been banned or contested.

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Lit Q&A: Bethanne Patrick, Book Maven

Bethanne Patrick

“Literature took me…to places where people overcome their limitations, and to places where they don’t. The latter may be the most important way literature engages us, reminding us of our common humanity.”

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Monday’s Margins: Bin Laden’s Dead and We Aren’t Going to Disney World; Famous Writers Self-Promoting from the Grave

Did you hear the news? Obama — er, Osama — was killed last night. (See facepalm above.)

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