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Author Q&A: Nick Antosca (The Obese)

Nick Antosca with cutout of Stephen King

“The best is when you start narrating your own life in the voice of a book in which you’ve recently lost yourself.”

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Barry Crimmins

Barry Crimmins

“We are conditioned to think we suck because we are not completely celebrated everyday. I just celebrate because I don’t have to go to work at NormoCorp everyday. I’m sitting out here in the early morning with the sun, with the birds singin’, and the dogs lying here, talkin’ with you, about whatever we want to talk about. We already won. We already won. They didn’t get me. I’m not worried about dealing with some nitwit middle manager all day who’s makin’ me feel stressed out and screwin’ up my life. I’m sittin’ here. I have to fly to New Mexico tomorrow to talk about why the drug war is stupid. That’s all I gotta do.”

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