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The Famous Mountain Retreat of Nelson Gamely

Mountain cabin

This cabin is your answer to everything.

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At the Horizon

Osprey on the horizon by mikespeaks on Flickr

You hoist the flag and the osprey screams.

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February: Raccoons and Salmon

Raccoon by bigcypressnps on Flickr

Mary Oliver’s poetry works in implicit contrast with our daily underestimation of the world.

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Three Poems by Molly Johnsen

Trees after Snow by rauckhaus on Flickr

“Limits,” “Having a Seizure in Front of My Father,” and “Alone Together.”

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Everything I say is a lie

Apple Tree black and white

All of this a lie, because you can’t remember the apple tree,
so it was never there, and I was never there, and
and I am just like my father, a liar who remembers things
that never happened, never were, in those spans of years

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Wisteria hangs in great dollops
from the treetops,
the faint purple drapery
escorting me to Aiken and Camden

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Woman Hibernating

Louise decided that in the winter she would hibernate. She created a cave in her bedroom closet and filled it with modern necessities.

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The Residue of Interchange: An Interview with Painter Joan Curran

Curran Painting 1

Philadelphia-based painter Joan Curran creates urban still lives inspired by the interaction between humans and nature–a constantly fluctuating relationship that reveals both beauty and excess.

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Colliding with Nature: An Interview with Jason Middlebrook

“Nature is always pressing, always growing up through the cracks,” he said. Middlebrook’s interest is the instant at which nature and humans collide, whether it be a natural disaster, or a weed growing in a parking lot.

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I had no way of
telling which was mine, now that it was sundered and sullied, made
ordinary like the rest. I cried for the rest of the day.

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A Review of Craig Childs’ Soul of Nowhere

The best thing I can say about the good luck this book brought me is that I didn’t develop my current illness until after reading it and moving on to another.

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