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One Motherfucker of a Narrative

No Pasaran

Understandably, many people are distraught and distracted by the tawdry reality television nightmare emanating from Washington.

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What We’re Electing to Read in November 2012

Books We're Reading this November

Books we’re reading this November include a Leonard Cohen biography by Sylvie Simmons, The Headmaster’s Wager by Vincent Lam, On Christian Contemplation by Thomas Merton, Both Flesh and Not by DFW, Jess Walter’s Beautiful Ruins, Best American Short Stories 2012, A Good Fall by Ha Jin, and many other titles.

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April 7, 2004: “It is best not to disclaim any low motives…”

It is best not to disclaim any low motives for one’s criticism and embitterment with the forces of ignorance and unbridled commerce, and I must leave it to others to discover the base reasons for my dismay and with the e-mob that lays claim to the portals of the brave new world. I have already […]

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