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Big Mad John: An Interview With John Cusack on War, Inc.

Actor John Cusack War Inc screenshot

“Their game has been to privatize the entire essence of what it means to be a state–from military to disaster relief. They want these unaccountable elements. They want to turn everything that it means to be a state into a for-profit enterprise, including outsourcing the advanced interrogation techniques, which is torture.”

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From Liberty Cabbage to Freedom Fries

Or: The Ethical Crisis of the Contemporary American Left Like many twenty-something liberals, I suppose, until the fall of 2001 when the advent of the War on Terror put a final end to any lingering vestiges of the Long Boom, my political ethics were largely a matter of faith. Raised by moderate parents and educated […]

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Verses Versus War

An ongoing collection of poems against the impending war in Iraq "SEVEN UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPTS AT MEMORIALIZING THOSE KILLED IN ACTION" by Phil Vassallo 1. Nothing but the darkness hears the dying soldiers lying on the landscape crying for their mothers. 2. The skies collapse on ruptured earth. Survivors count the casualties. 3. Floodlights guide the […]

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