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Mapping a Country

Keke Napep in Nigeria

Am I cutting myself? Does the country hurt much? Why are you crying?

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Floating Heart by Mysza on Flickr

I was not surprised that his consumption of my heart had some kind of lasting effect.

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What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus and Trump Protesters

“I think Christians took a big stand this time and said we’re going to stand up for our faith [by electing Trump].”

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Letters to Trump’s American Muslim Registry

Just discovered Schopenhauer. Blew my mind. Taking a break from Islam. Will call back in an hour w/ update.

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Holy Card

This week I learned that every other year the Holy Ghost plants a baby seed in a married mom’s tummy. Nine months later a slit opens up underneath across the bottom and the baby slides out.

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Interview: Judah Thomas and the Challenge of Faith-Based Filmmaking


Within the independent film world, Christian-themed cinema has been a vibrant undercurrent that has been quietly growing for a number of years. One of the newest filmmakers within this genre is Judah Thomas.

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Susan Palwick’s The Necessary Beggar

The Necessary Beggar makes it clear what Palwick thinks a Christian attitude to homelessness, healthcare, and immigration would be.

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Daughter off the Cross


It wasn’t until she lied to me that Irene earned my respect.

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March 17, 2004: “Far be it for me to step in the large pile of turds that Mel Gibson has left behind”

Far be it for me to step in the large pile of turds that Mel Gibson has left behind with his deft marketing of his deity-inspired rendering of Christian mythology. As Joseph Epstein replied when I queried him about his intentions to weigh in, it would require him to see the movie, which he was […]

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The Jesus Video

Essentially, the Jesus movie consists of nothing more than a pretty-boy Shakespearean with a prominent forehead wandering aimlessly around Israel and muttering half-heartedly about eternity while a bunch of people with disheveled hair act as if they are in awe of his prowess.

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