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Our Father

Chris Hedges (left) and Christian Bauman's father (right)

Entwined contemplations of author Chris Hedges (War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning) and former ad-man Bruce Bauman, and their respective relationships to this essay’s author (a ne’er-do-well novelist and ex-soldier)…

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Ondaatje, Amis, and Autobiography: What Bauman’s Reading this Month

There were three novels back there: Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje, House of Meetings by Martin Amis, and Our Lady of the Forest by David Guterson. I won’t belabor except to say I truly enjoyed all three. Especially, of course, the new Ondaatje. He is, really, breathtaking. Since then, it has been the month of autobiography. […]

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Christian Bauman on Amazon Rankings

So here’s something: of course I look at Amazon. I’ve been published long enough now to have the Amazon ranking not matter so much to me, but there is something else I find addictive about Amazon: what books are offered at a discount if you buy it with one of mine. There is an algorithm […]

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The Commute (Hoboken, 1996)

On June 1, Simon & Schuster/Touchstone released Living on the Edge of the World, an anthology of essays from New Jersey writers about their home state. The book includes original selections from Tom Perrotta (Little Children), Joshua Braff (The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green), Jonathan Ames (Wake Up, Sir!), and many more refugee and remaining Jersey scribes. This brief piece from the anthology is adapted from Christian Bauman’s new novel, In Hoboken (Melville House, March 2008).

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Felicia’s Journey and Incestuous Reading

This morning I finished Felicia’s Journey, a novel by William Trevor. I normally go to Travor for short stories, and this is not only not a short story, but a bit of a psychological thriller to boot. Great, great book. And once again a writer from across the pond disproves the silly American notion that […]

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You Do NOT Need an Agent to Get Your Novel Published: Magic Bullet Q&A for Writers

I put out a call to readers to help put an end to the urban myth that one cannot publish two novels without securing an agent first.

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The New Stephen King

An interesting combination of long novels, this month.The first was Stephen King’s new one, “Lisey’s Story.” I got this as a Christmas present. I read my first King novel (“The Shining”) when I was a wee lad of 11 or 12. Way too young to be reading King. It warped me. Before age 14 I […]

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Bauman’s Latest Reading Report

I’ve been much delayed in writing this or anything else lately, due to walking pneumonia. I’m not really sure what that means, but the symptoms matched the descriptor: For about a month, I was quite able to walk around but not so able to breathe. It was uncomfortable. Sometimes I secretly like being sick because […]

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Jumping for that Elusive Truth

Novelist Christian Bauman ponders the triumphs and tribulations of memoirists James Frey and Anthony Swofford and the lure of the publishing industry’s nonfiction fix

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The Road to Yountville; or, Confessions of a Common Eater

I went into a fever of hunger for a week, no satisfying it. I didn’t
sleep, I didn’t eat, I wouldn’t talk. I paced the confines
of our cottage with my red pencil, mumbling about marrow and kidneys.

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Not Fade Away

An excerpt from the essay collection Bookmark Now by Christian Bauman

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The Soldier, the Squid, and the Dancer

Me and Jimmy Two-Balls and Xerox were still in a line platoon and were deploying in four days — four days and we’d be back in the desert; a different one, but desert all the same — which is why I hadn’t done such a great job setting up Norm’s bachelor party.

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