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This’ll Be the Day That I Die

Don McLean American Pie

The lyrics were incomprehensible to me at the time, but I knew even then that I wanted to be Miss American Pie.

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Mom’s Desert

China desert

Mom said, “I just feel like…I just want to turn right, and the whole world is turning left.”

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Two Poems by Timothy Liu

Classical music notes

On the day my mother died, I unplugged
the stereo at a time when record clubs
still sent out their selections of the month

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My Beijing

my beijing

Grandpa bought the place for cheap back in the sixties, a Communist blessing. Grandpa did good for high-ranking Reds. Black-and-white photographs of him with the Chairman hang where house guests will look.

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Remembering Tiananmen Square

“With their college IDs as identification and their names out in the open, the students had to take responsibility for what they were doing, and to recognise their own positions of power as representatives of the student body. Under tremendous political pressure, as well as pressure of time and space, the student organisations encountered numerous […]

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Empress by Shan Sa

As the sole woman to occupy a throne at the meeting point of heaven and earth, this extraordinary personage is perhaps a perfect fit for Shan’s grandiose writing style.

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Iris Chang

Iris Chang

“Racism is always there underneath, but usually it is exploited in these times of economic crisis, and it’s hard to find out when one slides into another. But it usually does whenever the economic crisis reaches its peak.”

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