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Live Questions from Dead Poets: Allen Ginsberg “Interviews” Tyler Stoddard Smith

Tyler Stoddard Smith

“Now we’re both feeling shame, and I’ve panicked and stolen a Faulkner word. Maybe this is how poetry happens.”

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A Beat in the House

The first time I met Allen Ginsberg he peed on my foot. But, that is not the only thing I remember about the vaunted poet of the “Beat Generation.”

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Allen Ginsberg Portrait

Allen Ginsberg was the loudest voice of the Beat Generation. His controversial "Howl" is one of the most influential American poems since World War II. A Jewish, Homosexual, Tibetan Buddhist, Son-of-an-Insane-Communist, Ginsberg spent his later years teaching at Brooklyn College before his death in 1997. More info about Allen Ginsberg is available here.

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