Swamp Thing Explains Those Tracks at Dugdemona

Photo by Anthony Roberts on Unsplash

No matter what the paper claims, it isn’t me. I’ll give it to them, though. The distance between our strides is pretty close, even the glow of our eyes similar. But what leaves all those tracks on the riverbank is much older than I am and wants to be left alone even more than I do. It isn’t walking to get away from, or to, anything. It belongs just where it is, knows what it needs to know—about us, about anything—already. Take my advice. Give that thing the space it craves. If you don’t believe me when I say to leave that place, that thing, be, bring your dog down to the river. I’ve no doubt even a city dog will only need one sniff of those tracks before it tucks tail and hies on. Trust it to show you how quickly you need to leave those tracks to themselves.

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