Suzanne Clemens Art Showcase

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better days

breakfast in bed


hungry couple



single witness

sweet dreams

Artist Bio & Statement

Suzanne Clemens

I am an emotive artist whose work deals mostly with issues of the body, perception, and beauty. Born 1977 in Montreal, Quebec, I currently reside in the sunny state of Florida. My work has been showing nationally since 1998 and I have several pieces in private collections all over the country and the world reaching as far as Australia.

I was first inspired to the visual arts by my grandfather who successfully raised five children on his work as a sculptor and art professor in Toronto, Canada. In my years as a practicing artist, I have always been faithful to the human form as my most loyal subject. This is where I am most comfortable, and where I believe my work remains the strongest.

The use of the figure allows me to explore those issues that I find to be most interesting and especially significant in today’s culture. Having recovered from an eating disorder myself, I use my experience and the experiences of others to fuel my exploration of how each of us perceives our own image. The butterfly is a common symbol for anorexia, but it also represents a sense of unease, fragility, and camouflaging beauty to imply strength. These symbols become significant and constant in my most recent series of work.

Moving past previous works which were more confrontational and blunt in their emotional execution, these new works use the beauty of the butterflies and their surroundings as a “smoke screen” for the issues being investigated below the surface. Each image’s raw message is entangled in a detailed and very intentional mask of delicate beauty.

The intentional obscuring of the message allows the works to evoke a polarized array of reactions. While some viewers are enticed initially by the attractive detail and beauty, others are capable of directly seeing below the elaborate surface to the message hidden in the details. Just as in real life, when we put on a “happy face” some people may have the disposition to immediately accept that masquerade without question, while others are naturally more intuitive and seek to explore deeper.

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