Surveying the Book Blog Scene

The "Books" tab in my Firefox bookmarks section has grown exponentially lately thanks to various suggestions from editors and readers. Among the sites added to the list:

Bookforum, a rather elegant-looking and informative site. Bookninja, which I for some reason had previously neglected to save. A Life in Books, which is something of a reading diary. Booksquare, which "discusses the publishing industry with love and skepticism." Fernham, a member of the litblog co-op. The Syntax of Things, which seems to be rather eclectic and Beat-oriented. And finally The Millions, which includes interviews and timely links.

The book-blogging world has changed quite a bit since Identity Theory started back in 2000. We miss the old standard bearers such as MobyLives, The Minor Fall The Major Lift, and Return of the Reluctant, but it seems that for each blog that falls, another twenty crop up to take its place. That's a good thing, yes?

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