State of the Union Fact Check has a great analysis of President Bush's final State of the Union address posted today. Some of the inconsistencies according to their team:

* He correctly noted that the number of jobs has grown steadily for a record 52 straight months. But the number of jobs gained is a fraction of the gains made during Bill Clinton's years, and wage gains have been eaten up by inflation.

* He claimed his proposal to give tax deductions for those who buy their own health insurance will "put private coverage within reach for millions." Some say that's true, but other experts doubt it. And even the most optimistic say his plan would still leave the large majority of the uninsured without any coverage.

* He said "we" foiled a terrorist plot to blow up U.S.-bound airliners over the Atlantic, but the plot was actually uncovered by the British, as Bush himself said in last year's State of the Union address.

* He talked tough about pork-barrel spending, saying he'd issue an executive order for agencies to ignore more Congressional "earmarks." But he delayed the effect until November, rather than making it effective with the current fiscal year. (

Check out the entire article "Facts of the Union 2008" for a full investigation of the aformentioned inconsistencies.

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