Should Dean replace Daschle? Facebook says yes, The Nation not so sure

200px HowardDeanDNC croppedNow that Tom Daschle and his funny red glasses have been jettisoned from consideration for the Obama administration's Secretary of Health and Human Services position, a logical replacement seems to be the passionate former Vermont governor (and physician) Howard Dean.

In fact, the Facebook group "Appoint Howard Dean to HHS" has, as of this writing, picked up nearly 2500 members in its first day of existence (including yours truly).

However, The Nation's John Nichols, a fan of Dean's, has reservations about the good doctor: namely, that he has historically not been an advocate for a single-payer healthcare system:

"While it certainly makes sense to consider Dean--and while he would be a dramatically better HHS Secretary than Daschle--it also makes sense to consider others, including those who have been stalwarts in the fight for real reform."

Nichols believes that Representatives such as Washington's Jim McDermott and Wisconsin's Tammy Baldwin may be more inclined to actualize the dream (at this point, it really does look like a fantasy) of bringing single-payer, universal healthcare to the wealthiest nation on Earth.

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