Creative nonfiction essays

Navel Gazing

Halfway between head and genitalia, not strictly sexual, but, like Spears herself, "not that innocent" either, the belly button is a liminal marker.


Wife two was a stripper. And sweet, too. He traded her in for me, wife number three. To people I don't know, I say she was a dancer.

Casablanca to Marrakech

Her history's desert is full of potentates sharpening their swords, inventing icon free art, alphabets, practicing equality, creating five pillars of Islam and navigation star map tools, breaking wild stallions, building tiled adobe fortresses, selling spices, writing language.

No Man’s Land

Barren, fertile, virgin, dry – we speak of our land like a biblical woman. And it’s no mistake. We come from a grand tradition. Gaia, Demeter, Pele and Eve. Primordial women who knew about cycles and passages. Birthing and deathing and intricate dancing between. Myrle Daniels Kilen Salsbury, who took on the name of each


I had seen a lot at that
point, already, in terms of pornography. Things too numerous to
mention, I suppose, if I think about it. But, I had never seen coprophagy.


He said he would set a trap for the squirrel and return periodically to check it. "We can't let him stay out there all night," he said. "He could freeze."

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