Artist Interviews

Interviews with artists, plus samples of their works.

Kim Frohsin

In the Studio with Painter Kim Frohsin

San Francisco artist Kim Frohsin talks to Alexandra Tursi about her latest explorations, clears the air about her association with the Bay Area Figurative School, talks about publishing her first book of art, and details the personal relationships that come from working closely with models.

Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd #2

"A part of what I feel is not great is when authors -- or authors and their agents, or agents on behalf of their authors -- come to me and they want me to design their books because they think it will solve all their problems for them. And now I can safely say, I designed my own book cover for my novel and it was not a runaway success."

Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell

"In a way, photography has been my way of thinking, putting some thoughts together in a stretch—enough to make the picture ask questions, philosophical questions about the world."

Annette Lemieux

Annette Lemieux

"If I couldn't do my work, it would be as if someone took the air out of me. It was a necessity to survive. So it would have been that or die. I didn't have a choice. So I just worked my ass off."

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