Original short stories

Just Like Normal Girls

I’d been watching a lot of porn starring
fat girls, which at first I thought was pretty sicko, but then I
started to think it was kind of intriguing, and really almost sexy.


On the train, riding to meet him, she looks at strangers and sees potential lovers: the boy with a faint trace of a hair-lip, staring out the window; the Indian man in the long red scarf who keeps glancing her way...

The Shrine to Lost Children

Dad smiles, pats her hand, and moves his knees to one side. As Momo squeezes by him, clutching her kimono closed at the throat, he looks up at her with an expression of charitable tenderness.

Death and Dying

Jane walked down the block slowly
carrying a Tupperware of dumplings in both hands. The dumplings
slid around sickly in the cold plastic, and Jane felt that her feet
were heavy. She should have worn different shoes.

Waiting for Coffee

See, Alyosha loves females, but only that they are females,
he rarely ever loves who they are, except if they make him laugh…
She doesn’t make him laugh, so he doesn’t care about

The Soldier, the Squid, and the Dancer

Me and Jimmy Two-Balls and Xerox were still in a line platoon and were deploying in four days -- four days and we'd be back in the desert; a different one, but desert all the same -- which is why I hadn't done such a great job setting up Norm's bachelor party.

Circus Smirkus

At school, Kelly Thomas had her butt-ugly sister telling everyone Vincent was too poor to go to the circus. The girls, they were the meanest, skipping rope singing "Vincent Harris wants to go. Vincent, Vincent, He's too po'."

My Confidence

I gave Dad a stare and thought about holding his hand. It made me feel he had every reason to love me — I could hold his hand.

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