Original short stories

Trippers and Askers

Has to be about her age, maybe a few
years younger, certainly capable of landing a job. Landscaping,
washing dishes. His eyes are blue and sad and turned down at the

This Easter Weekend

On the screen, a sergeant places the Pope's skullcap on his head and dances atop the papal corpse as the other soldiers link their little digital arms and sing God Save the Queen.


d. I saw one of her breasts when I was ten. We were celebrating 4th of July and she had caught a spark that flew into her bikini.

The Gun On the Bed

Danny wakes up with a gun on his bed. He doesn't know how it got there. It seems like a rare coincidence or a prize for a lucky man, a reckless and slapdash man. There's a woman on the bed, too. The gun lies between them. He asks her "what's your name and is this …

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Yellow Teeth

In the rear-view mirror, my yellow teeth looked buttery. If I hadn't forgotten my cell phone, I'd leave myself a message to look into those new Crest strips I'd just seen advertised. I looked again: golden-retriever yellow. Fuck! I hit something. I slammed the brakes and squealed to a stop and then reversed. He was …

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