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Everything Unfinished is a literary blog out of San Francisco, by James Warner.

Local News

Tourism revenues are way down, and Maui's public schools and libraries are confronted with big budget cuts, but I'm told the newspapers here are still doing pretty well -- that's one big contrast with San Francisco.The conventional wisdom is that there's still plenty of demand for local newspapers. Since local news tends to be news …

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Scuba and What Huxley Calls the "Mind’s Visionary Antipodes"

Aldous Huxley's account of a typical psychedelic trip, from Heaven and Hell, makes me think of a scuba expedition:"The typical mescalin or lysergic acid experience begins with perceptions of coloured, moving, living geometrical forms. In time, pure geometry becomes concrete, and the visionary perceives, not patterns, but patterned things, such as carpets, carvings, mosaics. These …

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On Scuba Diving

Vacationing in Maui, wireless connection a bit slow, blogging nonetheless...Today was my ten-year-old daughter's first experience of scuba diving. We explored avenues of coral, while impossible-looking fish slipped everywhere. Our guide handed us sea anenomes and other creatures to hold, to photograph us with them. Predictably, he later tried to sell us the photographs for …

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Association of Ideas

“Superior intellect, as Professor Bain has admirably shown, seems to consist in nothing so much as in a large development of the faculty of association by similarity.” This footnote appears early in William James's The Varieties of Religious Experience.Some of my own associations with this:Douglas R. Hofstadter says somewhere – I can't find the quote, …

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Silver-Fork Novels

Figure 9 of Franco Moretti's Graphs, Maps, Trees shows forty-four different novelistic genres that existed at various times between 1740 and 1900 – in many cases, no book from the identified genre is still in print.Silver-fork novels, for example, were a Regency genre, written by the sort of writer who, as William Hazlitt wrote, in …

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