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Side Shots Film Blog is a movie review blog from Identity Theory managed by Matthew Sorrento.

Short Film: The Grand Inquisitor

The Grand Inquisitor, from Underground Film: "A film by Eddie Muller. Legendary blacklisted Hollywood actress Marsha Hunt makes a stunning return to the screen in this haunting short film that writer-director Eddie Muller describes as 'a noir fairy tale,' based on actual events. A young woman (Leah Dashe) discovers a cache of used books she […]

DVD Review: Un Chant D’Amour

Long banned or heavily edited, this legendary transgressive short masterpiece is finally available in the States in its complete form. As the only film directed by poet, playwright, novelist, criminal and Saint Jean Genet, it naturally is saturated with images and emotions even his own overheated writing could rarely evoke. Un Chant D'Amour, first released

Review: What Just Happened?

Based on a 2002 memoir by producer Art Linson (Fight Club, Into The Wild), What Just Happened? continues the line of self-obsessed Hollywood vehicles like The Player and Entourage, wherein the evils and shallowness of the business are brutally explored but nevertheless celebrated. Here, director Barry Levinson manages to get a good performance from Robert

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