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Review: "The Billboard from Bethlehem"

The focus of this documentary is the advocacy group Combatants for Peace, which is made up of members of the Israeli Defense Force that refused to go on duty in the occupied territories and former Palestinian resistance fighters who are eager to pursue Gandhian nonviolence as a means of gaining statehood.Members of both sides needed […]

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Story as Worm

E. M. Forster, in Aspects of the Novel, called sunrise in the tales of One Thousand and One Nights “the tape-worm by which they are tied together.”He wrote that story “is the lowest and simplest of literary organisms. Yet it is the highest factor common to all the very complicated organisms known as novels.”Also – […]

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The Purely Literary Distorts the Outlook Upon the World of Phenomena

In Mimesis, Erich Auerbach compares the world of Flaubert and the two Goncourts to the world of Stendhal and Balzac. He finds Flaubert’s world wanting —“we sense… something narrow, something oppressively close in these books. They are full of reality and intellect but poor in humor and inner poise. The purely literary, even on the […]

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“My Mouth Lies Screaming”: Interview with Mike Legge

Mike Legge

“I thought, what if I came up with the least elaborate method or tool to kill someone with?”

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Interview With “Winter Of Frozen Dreams” Producer Millie Stanisic

by Roy KoriakinA new hobby of mine when I’m frequenting the local pubs is to ask the patron next to me to tell a good story. Often times they look at me and shrug with distaste or discontent and say, “I don’t know any good stories…” That really irks me. How can someone who lives […]

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No Perfect Novels

The impossibility of perfection is part of the appeal of novel-writing, and in this, writing resembles life.

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Fiction and Prediction

“No one would write a word, if he remembered how much fiction eventually comes true.” — Richard Powers, Generosity.Does your fiction writing predict your own future?Many fiction writers have found this to be so — but how to make sense of the phenomenon?Well… any character you invent contains aspects of yourself. Plotting involves realistically forecasting […]

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Should Your Characters Dream?

One advantage of dreams for a fiction writer is that they tend to be emotionally charged.

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DVD Review: Sid! by Those Who Really Knew Him

by Brad Cook“If someone had to be the cartoon of punk rock, it might as well be Sid. He was pretty good at it,” Siouxsie and the Banshees bass player Steve Severin says during this documentary. He later comments: “One of [the Sex Pistols] had to die to make the myth work, and Sid was […]

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Review: "The Butch Factor"

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “gay man”? Stereotypes would insist that such individuals are sissified and campy, along the lines of Paul Lynde. Christopher Hines’ documentary “The Bull Factor” is designed to pull down the dreary stereotypes and show that gay men come in masculine shapes and sizes – blue […]

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Mueenuddin and Turgenev

Daniyal Mueenuddin’s In Other Rooms, Other Wonders has been compared to various works by nineteenth-century Russians – especially Turgenev, one of Mueenuddin’s influences. Contemporary Pakistan as seen by Mueenuddin is disturbingly reminiscent of Turgenev’s Russia — a place where the impact of Westernization is powerfully destabilizing.There are also temperamental affinities between Turgenev and Mueenuddin. Belonging […]

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Film Review: Skeletons

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally see an Indie film so rich in suspense that good old-fashioned fear holds us rigid in our seats?

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Film Review: Sean Christensen’s Empty House

Filmmaker Sean Christensen invites us into his memories as he feeds us bits and pieces of his parents’ divorce and his father’s departure from the family-home.

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Diurnal Versus Nocturnal Writers

Tolstoy, reported in A. B. Goldenveizer’s Talks with Tolstoy — “I always write in the morning. I was pleased to hear lately that Rousseau too, after he got up in the morning, went for a short walk and sat down to work. In the morning one’s head is particularly fresh. The best thoughts most often […]

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Retro Cinema: "The Great Mr. Handel" (1942)

Norman Walker’s 1942 “The Great Mr. Handel” is fairly curious, since it is a wartime British production with a German hero. In this case, George Frideric Handel, who emigrated to London in order to establish a career as a composer. Even more curious is the prime plot device of the film: how a member of […]

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