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Back Page: February 2003

MAN WOMAN BUTTERFLY ARROW (a dream) by K.D. Bates In my dream there is a Man (he is a man but is also me) he stands by a window in an office looking out on the sea And is so near home, he might walk there for lunch. In this dream, a Butterfly red wings,

“Given my extensive self-imposed required reading list and my voracious appetite for the printed page…” –February 8, 2003

Given my extensive self-imposed required reading list and my voracious appetite for the printed page (and its cyber iterations), I am constantly worrying myself about the relevance, the meaning, and the import of all the typography that passes before my eyes. I recently recalled a hilarious op-ed piece that speechwriter Mark Katz wrote for the

“19 Biographies in 12 Years” –February 2, 2003

If I have read more than a dozen biographies (not to be confused with memoirs) in the past 12 years, I would be surprised. Surprise! Scrupulous record keeping contradicts this recollection. So okay, I’ve read nineteen: Autobiography of a Face - Lucy Grealey Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J.Edgar Hoover - Anthony Summers

“ One-Day Pass” –January 26, 2003

Okay, like many people, I presume, I have crafted tactics of procrastination to deal with the occasional mental fog or creative palsy while sitting at my writing appliance. One kind of diversion is to make spontaneous visits to various book-marked web sites in an endless foraging for I-don't-know-what. I recently stopped by as it

Back Page: January 2003

Our Children Are Being Prostituted: What Is To Be Done? by David Sterry Cardinal Law's ouster in Boston for turning a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of children marks the latest chapter in the on going saga of boys and girls being used for sex in America. In the past year, dozens of priests

Love + Chance

_ by A. Gargett “'Instead of God chance.' This means nature insofar as it occurs, though not as occurring once and for all but as surpassing itself in infinite occurrences, excluding any possible limits. In this infinite representation (a representation that quite likely is the boldest and most deranged ever tried out by humankind) the

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