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Thursday Roundup: McCann, Pamuk, and Saving Atlanta’s Book Review

Birnbaum and Colum McCann sat in a ragtop by the Charles River and talked about McCann's new book, Zoli. McCann said: "The older you get and the more you get into writing, it's really interesting how terrifying each new novel becomes." 'Protect Atlanta's Book Review': The city of Atlanta wants a robust, reader-friendly, intelligent book […]

McSweeney’s #23 (Spring 2007)

(McSweeney's, 181 pages) - Reviewed by Robert Birnbaum In 1998, Dave Eggers, having published about 30 issues of the now legendary Might magazine, spent some time at stodgy (meaning no longer vital) Esquire magazine and having published his bestselling, earth-shattering memoir, HeartBreaking Work etc. launched his assault on literary convention with McSweeney's, both as a

Odds and Ends

ComeBack by Claire and Mia Fontaine, whom I interviewed last year, is out on paperback and is the Target Bookmarked Club Pick for Winter 2007. Though it's been blogged about many times and many ways, Miranda July has the coolest book site ever. Also not exactly a secret: Lethem has a new novel, You Don't

Book Rate Digested Book Reviews: February 2005

Note: (RB) = Robert Birnbaum; (RLW) = RL Whalen; (JT) = Janice Tsai; (AK) = Angie Kritenbrink; (MB) equals Matt Borondy; (DM) = Drew McNaughton, and soon enough there will be other abbreviations to deal with. Links go to Articles of War – Nick Arvin (Doubleday, 178 pp.) For the record, I am going

Book Rate Digested Book Reviews: January/February 2004

A digested book "review": cheap shots, glib commentary, shameless advocacy of insidious ideology of social and economic justice and idiosyncratic and totally arbitrary choices of books that come our way via our gallant and steadfast UPS drivers and other routes. Also, this is for 1) people who don't want to shell out two hundred dollars

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